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From 2005, Maine Insights has been reporting on issues pertinent to the people of Maine, the state’s role in the nation, and the world. First known as The Maine Democrat we changed our name to reflect the interconnected role the people of Maine have with others, in their communities, the state, and beyond. Throughout the publication’s history we highlighted the efforts of individuals who contributed to their communities, from scientists, farmers, artisans, environmentalists, and local shop owners who enhanced Maine’s creative economy to public servants who dedicated themselves to help people live the American dream. Not the dream of riches, the dream shared by millions around the world to be able to live a healthy, safe life, with opportunities to earn good paying jobs so their families and communities can flourish in a democracy. To be able to live without want or worry while contributing to humanity in a democratic society where all are truly equal. All these individuals helped to make the state as the saying goes, “the way life should be.”

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