New York State: Divest from Fossil Fuels Now, by William Reinhardt, an NY Albany County Legislator

New York State pensions are intended to provide secure futures. The state should never gamble with them. But that’s exactly what’s happening in a high stakes game by continuing to invest state worker’s retirement funds in the fossil fuel industry.  More

We need to deliver for the USPS, by Maine US Senator Angus King

Republicans in Congress systematically have been cutting back funding for the postal service. With COVID-19 we need stimulus funds to revitalize the USPS so all Americans can vote.  More

Hundreds of elected officials want New York to divest its pension fund from fossil fuels – can Maine do the same? by Ramona du Houx

New York State’s Fossil Fuel Divestment Act is secluded to come to a vote this fall. Despite a measure back in 2014 to get Maine to divest, nothing further has been done. Yet, the evidence is clear the era of the fossil fuels is coming to an end.   More

42432236_2422354741115633_6051651302801276928_n-3Protecting Maine’s Environment

Elected Officials to Protect America has been fighting for a fully funded LWCF—now it’s within reach

U.S. Maine Sen. King, along with elected officials who are veterans, heralded action to preserve and protect Maine’s parks with the Great Outdoors and  permanent funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund – now the measure goes to the U.S. House.