Maine State Rep. McDonald bill decriminalizing hypodermic syringes signed into law

LD 994 eliminates the crime of illegal possession of hypodermic syringes. Additionally, possessing a hypodermic syringe with residue of drugs will no longer be considered criminal possession of those drugs. Providing hypodermic syringes to others who may not be able to obtain them on their own will no longer be considered an act of illegal trafficking. […]

Maine Sec. of State issues warning of phishing campaign via text

07/19/2021 AUGUSTA – Secretary of State Shenna Bellows is warning Mainers to be suspicious of text messages they may have received from an entity claiming to be the “Secretary of State Drivers License Facility” which asks the recipient to click a link to complete this verification. The Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles does not contact Mainers […]

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