ME needs theTransportation and Climate Initiative to grow jobs, improve health and get there from here, Oped by Ramona du Houx

The “Transportation and Climate Initiative” seeks to cut pollution from cars and trucks and invest in cleaner, healthier and more equitable transportation solutions. Maine has yet to commit to the program, yet the TCI initiative is projected to bring in $300 million to 12 states and D.C. annually. TCI works like RGGI. . . Let Gov. Mills know.  More.



Congressman Jared Golden’s letter to the Secretary of the Department of Energy asking for the CMP permit to be reevaluated

Given the anticipated impacts this new transmission line will have on Maine’s forest and wetland ecosystems, as well as on the communities along the route, it is troubling that the permit was granted by the previous Administration without a more thorough National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) review  . . .  More


Our democracy faced a near-death experience. Here’s how to revive it, Oped by Stacey Abrams

Time is short. The forces standing against a democracy agenda seek to preserve and expand paths to power by shrinking the voting pool rather than winning voters over. In reaction to the historic turnout of 2020 and Democratic victories in places such as Georgia, already this year more than 100 bills have been put forward in state legislatures seeking to restrict voting access. Those efforts will not end without a fight. More.


Investigative Reports


Elected officials across USA support India’s small farmers plight for democratic justice, show similarities with unjust US policies

By Ramona du Houx – “The world has watched tens of thousands of Indian farmers and farm workers leave their fields for the streets to protest laws that did not go through the normal parliamentary procedures before being enacted,” said Alex Cornell du Houx, President of Elected Officials to Protect America (EOPA), former State Representative (ME), former Marine Veteran. “At this historic moment Elected Officials to Protect America stands with Indian farmers in their struggle for survival, for justice, for democracy, for a say in determining and protecting their futures and that of successive generations.” More



Elected Officials see Biden’s clean car plan can as a vehicle to help save lives in frontline communities

A recent study from Harvard University, in collaboration with universities in England, found that world-wide one in five premature deaths can be attributed to fossil fuel air pollution. According to this new research, over 350,000 people in the United States died in 2018 from fossil fuel air pollution prematurely — numbers three times higher than previously suggested by other studies. . . .  More