A short story from: Coastal Maine in Words and Art: Gallery Fukurou’s Reflections by Maine Writers, 2019.

© Mark Aufiery, 2019

Vanishing Point, photographic art by Yorozuya Yohaku

In the astute angles lay the length of time. Certain, learned, remembered, a presence lifting higher in one relieving breath. For the boy, it was the path to the future all wrapped around the light. But the glide away felt like something pulled forward.

Safe among all that is perilous and not fearful among what is present. Learning had come. Bits of knowledge gained. He had finally become a man and shed the child’s skin.

Separate from the father, true self often never found, left unintended, too many things darken the way.

To find what had always been, lain, spread before him.


Coastal Maine in Words and Art: Gallery Fukurou’s Reflections by Maine Writers, 2019 was published after a contest for writers to create stories to accompany art photography that depicted Rockland and the coast in its myriad situations, moods and emotions. This story was published in the book along with 27 others.

An overwhelming 88 stories were submitted for the contest. In the end seventeen writers were chosen. Their stories are told with depth, insight, candor, irony, wit and humor. Anyone who has every visited Maine’s coast will be able to relate to them. They’ve put humankind’s instinctive emotional connection with the sea into words.

A gallery exhibit/booksigning was held at Gallery Fukurou in September 2019. The contest was held by Polar Bear and Company, of the Solon Center for Research and Publishing.

The Maine Humanities Council provided a grant for our project that enabled the Solon Center to donate books to libraries across Maine. MHC is a statewide non-profit organization that uses the humanities, “as a tool for positive change in Maine communities.”

Please ask your local bookstore to order it in for you or, if need be, purchase it HERE. All photographic art is available through Gallery Fukurou at info(at)soloncenter.org.