Governor John Baldacci talks about opportunities Pine Tree Zones for the workforce below. PTZ’s have created thousands of jobs in Maine. To the right Baldacci declares a PTZ for a ship company. Photos by Ramona du Houx

Summer 2008

Article and photos by Ramona du Houx

The Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) announced that six manufacturing companies based in Southern Maine have recently received Pine Tree Development Zone certification. The Pine Tree Zone program is a performance-based tax incentive initiative to stimulate growth in targeted business sectors in order to strengthen the economy and create quality jobs for Maine people.

DECD Commissioner John Richardson said, “The Pine Tree Development Zones are one of our state’s great initiatives that help support Maine’s manufacturing. These companies are a great example and their expansion will considerably increase the state’s manufacturing capacity.”

“The impact of the Pine Tree Zone incentive program on our economy and these growing companies is significant,” said Brian Doyle, the business development specialist for the region. “The expansion of various manufacturing companies and the subsequent job creation is testimony to the program’s success.” Doyle, in his role for DECD, worked closely with the manufacturing companies to help facilitate the application process and collaboration of local officials.

¨ The Kittery Point Yacht Yard, which manufactures custom and proprietary boats, is expanding at a new facility in order to triple the amount of space available for boat building and marine services.

¨ The Portland Shellfish Company, Inc. will be expanding their processing operations through the purchase and outfitting of an existing vacant lobster processing facility.

¨ Applicators Sales and Services, Inc. is increasing its window manufacturing operations, due to improved sales of their Paradigm windows in the Midwest and Florida.

¨ Eastman Industries will be expanding its commercial lawnmower manufacturing business. In 2006 the company purchased the Wisconsin-based Ingersoll Tractor Company and relocated the business to Maine.

¨ Fiber Materials, Inc. is a manufacturer of composite products for the aerospace industry, and they will use the tax incentives for facility upgrades, new equipment, and workforce training.

¨ David Saunders, Inc. will, in part, use the Pine Tree Zone benefits for upgrades in equipment and processes for their electronic manufacturing services.

There will be approximately 100 new jobs created from the certifications.