By Ramona du Houx

An infected patient in quarantine lying in bed in hospital

AUGUSTA – People’s lives are at risk yet there have been a number of incidences where preference of whom should get the sought after COVID-19 vaccine have taken place. For example Maine Health gave priority to their own staff, which Gov. Mills has admonished. In other states there have been cases of fraud where people posed as providers only to distribute and sell the vaccine for profit.

People are dying, this is a criminal act.

In Maine, Attorney General Aaron M. Frey has issued an advisory to all COVID-19 vaccine providers in Maine warning them against administering doses of vaccine to ineligible individuals. This advisory comes in response to reports of improper administration by large providers and notes that :

“the Office of the Maine Attorney General will consider seeking legal and administrative sanctions against providers who administer the COVID-19 vaccine to persons who do not meet applicable eligibility criteria.”

In addition to the advisory, Attorney General Frey issued the following statement:

“It is important to recognize and appreciate the efforts of Maine’s health care providers who are carefully adhering to the states guidelines. I want to thank them for their hard work vaccinating eligible Mainers, which is saving lives.”

“It is also important to stop behavior which contradicts the rules put in place by the CDC. Whether it is giving vaccine doses to wealthy donors who cut the line ahead of others who might need it more, or allowing out of state union-busters to receive doses which should have gone to Mainers, practices which go against the protocols developed carefully by the experts at the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention undermine the public’s trust and hinder our response to the pandemic.”

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