By Gerald Weinand

May 13, 2012 At 9:39 am

This story appeared on Dirgo Blue:

Rep. Alex Cornell du Houx (D-Brunswick) sent the following statement regarding the agreement he signed along with Rep. Erin Herbig (D-Belfast). Herbig had sought a temporary restraining order on Cornell du Houx after the two ended their relationship.

“We are satisfied with the agreement reached. The temporary order will be withdrawn on Monday. I have the highest respect for Rep. Herbig.

“Last week I informed leadership that I will be taking an excused absence for the next few days. It is highly unlikely that there will be any tiebreaker votes and I wanted to calm the situation so everyone can focus on working for the people of Maine.

“I’ve dedicated myself to the people of Brunswick as a lawmaker and to my country as an officer in the Navy. I am looking forward to continuing to serve in the legislature and running for office.”


Rep. Erin Herbig had the Belfast Court place a temporary order on Rep. Cornell du Houx on April 30, 2012. On May 14, 2012 her lawyer withdrew the temporary order at the Belfast County Courthouse.

Normal procedures were not followed. Usually a formal complaint is filed with the police before a temporary protection order is sought.

The following is from an article by Steve Mistler of the Portland Press Herald:

Capitol Police Chief Russell Gauvin told The Portland Press Herald last week that Herbig never filed a formal complaint and she didn’t seek a protection order until last week.

Steve McCausland, a spokesman for the agency, today said police had concluded their investigation on Friday and that no charges against the 29-year-old Cornell du Houx were forthcoming. Cornell du Houx has not been interviewed by authorities.

Rep. Cornell du Houx stated on May, 14, 2012:

“Community service, military service and public service are the guiding principles that I am dedicated to. I serve and protect the people of my community as a lawmaker. I serve and protect my country as an officer in the Navy.

“Many reports listed me as still being in the Marines. For the record I was commissioned into the Navy Reserves in December 2011. I serve as a public affairs officer stationed out of Bangor Maine. We conduct operational support for US Central Command (Middle East operations). I have served and continue to serve our country in the military since 2002 and the people of Brunswick in the legislature simultaneously since 2008.

“I will continue to serve and protect the people of my community, and my country now and for many years to come.

“I’d like to thank family, friends, coworkers and my community for their loving support. Yesterday I was at the ribbon cutting for the Amtrack coming to Brunswick and was heartened by the community support.”