By Ramona du Houx

October 8, 2010

The Maine Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) has launched a new website and e-mail newsletter to provide news and updates about the state’s new Mobilize Maine regionally-based economic development strategy.

The purpose of Mobilize Maine is to encourage private businesses and local community leaders to take the initiative in shaping regional economic development initiatives in Maine in order to develop community-led goals and strategies that focus on leveraging a region’s assets. Often economic change happens from the grass roots because communities know what assets they have and can promote.

“Mobilize Maine is an important initiative that is taking place in our state that empowers our regions to determine economic development strategies that are based on strength and competitive advantage. I believe it’s a winning situation for both the regions and the state as a whole and I am grateful to Fairpoint, The Maine State Chamber, DECD and the regional support to date,” said Governor John E. Baldacci.

Mobilize Maine is a public-private partnership between the state, regional economic development organizations, and private companies and organizations. The initiative is supported by a grant from Fairpoint Communications with the cooperation of the Maine DECD, the Maine State Chamber of Commerce, and the state’s federally-designated economic development districts.

The website and e-mail newsletter were designed by DECD as a clearinghouse for information pertaining to the statewide roll-out of Mobilize Maine.

“The website is an important tool to keep Maine’s business community informed of this new and exciting initiative as it starts to take root across the state,” said Mark Ouellette, director of the Office of Business Development, part of DECD. “We’ve already seen great progress made with Mobilize Maine in Northern and Western Maine. This website and newsletter will be an important tool to share news, events and best practices as we roll out the project statewide in the coming months.”