Cross-cultural exchange good for international public relations and business

By Morgan Rogers

June 20, 2012

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Photo: Rep. Alex Cornell du Houx at White House press conference.

State Rep. Alex Cornell du Houx left June 19th to lead United States veterans and delegates on a two-week trip to Australia through the State Department and the American Council of Young Political Leaders (ACYPL).

After attending an ACYPL trip to Malaysia last year Rep. Cornell du Houx discussed the possibility of inviting veterans to participate on another cross-cultural exchange for this year. As a result of these discussions this is the inaugural ACYPL/State Department trip with both legislative delegates and veterans.

“It’s a great opportunity for veterans to serve their country again in the capacity of helping to build cross-cultural exchanges,” said Rep. Cornell du Houx a Iraq War combat veteran. “I’m excited that the State Department and ACYPL understood how important it was to open up this opportunity to veterans.”

ACYPL coordinates trips for young American politicians to visit other countries, giving them the chance to increase their experience in international affairs and explore other countries’ governmental processes. ACYPL participants meet with lawmakers and dignitaries of the country visited as well as go on excursions to talk to people from businesses and different sectors of society.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to lead this trip and to explain the innovations and opportunities Maine has to offer to the world,” said Rep. Cornell du Houx. “I’m excited by the chance for me to promote our incredible workforce, our creative economy and our innovative spirit. I intend to spread the news about the great potential of Brunswick Landing and what a wonderful community we have.”

Some of the innovations Cornell du Houx will promote are taking place at the University of Maine’s composite laboratories. The Brunswick Representative contacted Dr. Habib Dagher before he left and Dagher gave him materials to give out as gifts to dignitaries.

According to their website ACYPL nominates its American legislative delegates, “based on their current political and professional positions and potential for future leadership.”

“I am dedicated to fostering relations for the greater good of our community, state, and country,” concluded Rep. Cornell du Houx.

The trip has been in the making for over nine months.