Produced by Masha Vernik

As gentrification, food insecurity, and climate change threaten the East Boston community, they find a joyful way to come together: growing food.

Common Roots tells the story of a community under attack that comes together by growing food. Like many urban neighborhoods, East Boston faces rapid gentrification. Its immigrant residents are being displaced. People face food insecurity. Climate change is bringing extreme floods.

Common Roots shows how a community garden joyfully builds resilience to these threats. Using food as our common thread, Eastie Farm builds bridges. Neighbors of different backgrounds come together to grow food that anyone can harvest. By existing on land that would otherwise be developed, the garden is instead a welcoming space for neighbors to come, listen to music together, and get to know one another.

The Coronavirus pandemic makes this message more important than ever: growing food in our communities makes us stronger together.

More about the producer of Common Roots Masha Vernik

Masha advises municipalities on food policy responses to the COVID crisis with the aim of building long-term resiliency. She collaborates with grassroots groups to ensure our policies are equitable and effective. Masha loves food and wants to create a friendly environment for farmers to grow it regeneratively. She is interested in agroecology, indigenous knowledge, and seed sovereignty. She holds a B.A. in International Relations with a minor in Biology from Boston University.