Wind energy can protect against spikes in electricity prices

By Ramona du Houx - January 23rd, 2014 

Maine consumers are facing increasing costs for electricity. Wind energy can help to reduce those costs.

The Maine Public Utilities Commission announced this week that the standard offer price for electricity in Maine in both the CMP and Emera Maine services areas will increase by more than 10 percent for next year.

“Mainers’ energy costs are going up because the price for natural gas is volatile and difficult to predict. Wind energy, particularly through the use of long-term contracts, can reduce the impact of the volatility from the natural gas market, protect consumers from price spikes and lessen our dependency on a single fuel for electricity production,” said Ian Grady, a spokesperson for Wind for Maine. “Right now, New England relies heavily on natural gas, and we’re paying the price every month in our electric bills.”

According to the PUC, the price for residential and small business customers in the new standard offer price for electricity in CMP’s territory is increasing 10.8 percent. The price for medium business customers is increasing by about 30 percent.

For Emera Maine, the increase for residential and small business customers is 13.2 percent. For medium-sized businesses, the increase is about 31 percent.

“Maine can help prevent this type of price uncertainty by supporting the development of clean, renewable wind energy,” said Grady. “It’s good for the air we breathe and the water we drink, and it can help our economy to grow while reducing our dependency on fossil fuels.”

Wind energy in Maine is a way to strengthen the state’s economy, reduce our dependence of fossil fuel and protect the environment.