The New C&L Aerospace Paint Hangar opening in Bangor, Maine

By Ramona du Houx - October 17th, 2014 

Congressman Michaud attended the opening of the new C&L Aerospace hangar, which federal funding he secured helped make possible. courtesy photo

A long-dissed, 17,000-square-foot former Dow Air Force Base hangar was renovated by C&L Aerospace to paint aircraft, and an opening celebration took place October 16th.

Chris Kilgour, CEO of C&L Aerospace, moved his company and family Brisbane, Australia, to Bangor three years ago having been received warmly by the people of Maine. The quality of life, location, and Pine Tree Zone tax incentives- started by the Baldacci administration- were incentive enough him to relocate. Add Bangor’s embrace and the deal was made. At the beginning C&L employed 20 workers. Now he employs about 130 people, and is looking for 20 more. Another expansion at Bangor International Airport is also part of his future plans.

“These successes are all the product of teamwork and cooperation. Every step of the way Bangor put out the welcome matt for C&L. The company’s expansion is a testament to the great work force of our city.” said Bangor City Councilor Joe Baldacci.

C&L Aerospace completed a $5 million expansion of its Bangor headquarters last spring.

The new hangar received more than $575,000 in funding from the Economic Development Administration (EDA). Congressman Mike Michaud wrote to the EDA in 2012 advocating for the investment, and last year hosted a visit from Matt Erskine, EDA’s Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Assistant Secretary for Commerce for Economic Development. Erskine’s visit included a tour of C&L Aerospace.

“C&L’s expansion is good news both for its employees and the city of Bangor – and it’s a great example of what can be accomplished when the public and private sectors work together to expand business opportunities,” said Congressman Mike Michaud. “This is the type of collaboration that will strengthen our state’s economy moving forward.”

Michaud has been a lead advocate for the EDA, which is the only federal agency focused exclusively on economic development. Since its inception, projects funded by the EDA have created over four million private sector jobs and leveraged roughly $150 billion in private sector investment.

 Maine aviation companies are experiencing an increase in demand for aviation services, assisted by Pine Tree Zone tax credits. The 2014 market economic assessment for Maine by the Aeronautical Repair Station Association and TeamSAi Consulting puts total employment for Maine's aviation maintenance industry at 1,052 workers, with an economic impact of $124.7 million. Both figures reflect an upward trend from ARSA's 2009 report, which tallied 984 aviation maintenance workers in Maine and an impact of roughly $120 million.