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Changes in government control herald new ways forward for the economy

President of the Maine Senate Justin Alfond with Gov. LePage at the podium on the day of the swearing in of the 126th legislature


Changes in government control herald new ways forward for the economy. What will happen this session in Augusta?

Majority-led Democratic Legislature says they want to grow the middle class & strengthen economy

Maine’s new constitutional officers will support the majority of Mainers and oppose many of LePage’s policies

LePage’s budget proposal shifts costs to people who can least afford it, raises taxes, and could cripple Maine’s economy

Federal Government rejects part of LePage’s MaineCare reduction plan, saying it’s not legal

Gov. LePage’s budget curtailment hits the most vulnerable, education, and public safety hard

Maine moms angry over LePage administration’s BPA recommendation

Rep. Rotundo honored as Legislator of the Year

Lindsey Glick's first-hand report on working on an organic farm in Maine

U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree appointed to Appropriations Committee — where government spending is decided

Rep. Michaud named new ranking member of U.S. House Veterans Affairs Committee

Maine ranks fourth in states were income inequality is increasing the fastest


Life on a Maine organic farm, One Drop, as an apprentice

India Street in Portland chosen for planning project to support sustainable growth

Maine same-sex couples get legally married

Congresswoman Chellie Pingree asks VA for equal treatment for female veterans suffering from sexual disorders

Casco is Maine’s first town to pass resolution opposing tar-sands oil transportation through state

Federal $100,000 grant for Portland schools will help expand purchasing of locally produced food


The first floating offshore wind turbine in the North Sea, built in Norway by Statiol. Now they plan to build them off Boothby and are sharing research with UMaine.

Total proceeds for Maine from RGGI are over $34 million; for all RGGI states over $1 billion

Maine’s Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard — an incentive for alternative energy growth

Two DOE offshore wind grants of $4 million each for UMaine and Stratoil projects — with additional phases could get $93 million

New road maps available for ocean wind, tidal- and wave-energy projects


Bigelow Laboratory’s new campus is dedicated – the facility will spur economic growth & innovation

Brunswick company awarded $150,000 research grant for aquaculture, in December also granted MTI funds close to $250,000

MTI awards $1,473,925 to 28 Maine companies

Cap-and-trade policy, RGGI, keeps 12 million tons of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere & generates savings

Construction underway for Portland Technology Park — to help grow the biotech economy


Sen. Snowe, Gov. Baldacci, and Gov. King were praised by Congresswoman Pingree for their bipartisan efforts that helped secure federal and state funding for the Downeaster. Pingree also voted for the recovery act, with Sen. Snowe and Sen. Collins, which gave funding for the Downeaster. Photo by Ramona du Houx.

Federal grant for ME Port Authority could lead to cargo services for Portland

Downeaster comes to Freeport and Brunswick, Maine, reviving passenger rail that stopped in 1960

Portland City Council supports study for transit link to Lewiston-Auburn

Rail is better plan than east-west highway project, which was named one of the worst highway ideas

“Were it left to me to decide whether we should have government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.” — Thomas Jefferson, 1787

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