Maine’s Medical marijuana school

By Ramona du Houx - April 4th, 2011 · 

As the spring semester draws to a close for most colleges, there is one school that is just getting started. It’s called Marijuana State University.

It’s a three hour long class that focuses on how to grow marijuana plants. Ray Logan started the program, it’s targeted towards people with medical marijuana cards but it is open to the public.

Ray uses powerpoints and plant demonstrations to teach the class. He say’s there is a need for this type of class because the demand for medical marijuana exceeds the supply. According to Ray there’s a ‘catch 22′ to the medical marijuana debate. He says the dispensaries have a shortage of plants to provide their patients because there is a limit on how many they can grow.

Ray says, “The problem is for caregivers and dispensaries a like you’re only allowed to grow six plants per person. If you don’t have the people under you, you can’t grow the plants, and if you don’t have the product it’s really hard to get people under you. That’s the catch 22.”

The class sizes are small now, but Ray hopes that they will eventually be as successful as Richard Lee’s school, Oaksterdam University in California.

Ray got his medical marijuana card in 1996 when he got in a sky diving accident and severed his spine.