Maine State Rep. Golden Wins Nation's First Ranked-Choice Voting Runoff For A Congressional Seat

Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap released the election results from the Congressional District 2 race in the Nov. 6, 2018 General Election.

"What we see in Round two is that Democrat Jared Golden has 50.53 percent of the vote, and Congressman Poliquin has 49.47 percent of the vote, so it looks like Jared Golden is the apparent winner of the ranked-choice election," said Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap. 

Jared F. Golden won with 139,231 votes to Bruce Poliquin’s 136,326 votes in the final round.

Golden became the first candidate to unseat an incumbent from the 2nd Congressional District in over 100 years when he was named the winner of the nation’s first ranked-choice voting Congressional runoff.

Poliquin, the only Republican left in the House from New Engalnd, could ask for a recount.

Poliquin said that would continue to pursue his lawsuit, despite a federal judge denying Poliquin's previous motion for a restraining order to halt today's RCV runoff count.

The opinion issued earlier today, finding against Poliquin’s claims, came from Judge Walker of the U.S. District Court for the State of Maine. A LePage and a Trump appointee, Judge Walker wrote these words: “The remedy in a democracy, when no constitutional infirmity appears likely, is to exercise the protected rights of speech and association granted by the First Amendment to persuade one’s fellow citizens of the correctness of one’s position and to petition the political branch to change the law. As it stands, the citizens of Maine have rejected the policy arguments Plaintiffs advance against RCV. Maine voters cast their ballots in reliance on the RCV system. For the reasons indicated above, I am not persuaded that the United States Constitution compels the Court to interfere with this most sacred expression of democratic will.”

Golden talked after the tabluation to the press.

"I’m going to hold Town Halls, not just fundraisers. And I won’t be calling lobbyists and corporate PACs to 'dial for dollars,' or to trade my votes for their money. I’ll be calling you, the people of Maine — the only people I’m accountable to — to make sure I’ve earned your support,” said Golden.

The major issue he, and many other Democrats ran on was healthcare and that's what he chose to speak about. "I'm going to do everything I can to protect and expand access to affordable health care," he said. "I won't vote to take coverage away from you or to let insurance companies discriminate against sick Mainers. That's why I will fight tooth and nail to protect Social Security and Medicare so that Mainers who've worked hard and paid into the system can have a secure and stable retirement."

The tabulation took place November 15, 2018 at noon at the centralized tabulation site in the Elkins Building in Augusta after five and a half days of processing ballots. The results will be posted as an Excel file on the Election Results page, and marked as “unofficial.” As always, official results for all races will be available and posted 20 days after the election when the final tabulation is submitted to the Governor.