Maine Memoir shares author’s insights into life in - Egg Time in Augusta

Egg Time in Augusta — Hugh Roth’s life growing up in Central, Maine

Egg Time in Augusta by Hugh Roth, according to Roth, is his celebration telling us the story of who he is by letting us into the world that he grew up in.

Hugh is the younger son of the author Henry Roth who won critical acclaim for his novel, Call It Sleep, almost thirty years after it was published. Henry’s book, rediscovered in the early 1960s, is a classic portrayal of Jewish and American immigrant life in New York City.

After writing Call it Sleep, in 1946 the Roth’s moved from Boston to Maine, where they raised and slaughtered ducks and geese, and Hugh's mother was a teacher and principal in Vassalboro, Maine. Egg Time in Augusta recalls Hugh’s childhood growing up from1954-1961 in Central Maine.

Life in Augusta on Church Hill Road is syncopated by the author’s observations as an adult and conversations with an unidentified person to whom he is telling the story.

This basic story is made more affecting and immediate through the author’s interplay of narrative perspectives that challenge and highlight cross-cultural insights. This literary technique successfully grips the reader’s attention, while Roth dives into psychology, history and literature.

Excerpt: Egg Time in Augusta — Hugh Roth’s life growing up in Central, Maine

“The fields of early summer are soft and inviting, stippled with color: countless wildflowers, some alone, some in big splashes; the red-orange flame of devil’s paintbrush, clover, daisies, Queen Anne’s lace, black-eyed Susan’s, buttercups, yarrow. Walking through them on such a day is to explore the world unburdened, a world relieved of all purpose except to exist.”

More about the author:

Hugh Roth left Maine to finish high school in Brighton, a suburb of Rochester, NY, to study cello at the Eastman School of Music. In the years after high school, until he settled in New York, he served in the Army in Southeast Asia and Germany and worked off and on for the Maine State Highway Commission. He got a BA in history from Empire State College in 2003.

In 2006 he moved back to Maine, where he met Wanatha Garner, then living part-time on Vinalhaven. In 2009 they married and now work together on her small sheep farm, on the island off the coast of Rockland.

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