Maine lawmakers speak out against Trump administration's trade war and retaliatory lobster tariffs

Bipartisan group of 112 tell congressional delegation: Tariffs will devastate coastal communities

 By Ramona du Houx

State lawmakers are urging Maine’s congressional delegation to act in response to a proposed 25 percent Chinese tariff on U.S. lobster exports. The Chinese are reacting to tariffs imposed by the Trump adminstration. The President started a trade war by imposing tariff's - taxes - on imports from China and other nations.

One hundred twelve lawmakers signed onto the letter, an effort spearheaded by Rep. Joyce “Jay” McCreight, D-Harpswell.

 “We can’t sit by and let the Maine lobster industry be harmed by these retaliatory tariffs,” said McCreight. “It’s too important to the livelihood of too many Mainers. That’s why lawmakers are speaking out in a bipartisan way and urging our congressional delegation to do everything they can to stop the damage that will be done to our coastal communities and our economy statewide.”

On June 22, 2018 Chinese officials announced plans to tax imports of American lobster as retaliation in an escalating trade dispute between the two countries. The tariffs are scheduled to begin July 6. 

Maine’s lobster industry generates some 4,000 jobs and contributes an estimated $1 billion to the state’s economy, according to a 2016 economic impact study. That’s in addition to the income earned by lobstermen when they sell their catch, which totals another nearly half a billion dollars each year. The state is responsible for the majority of all U.S. lobster exports.

The letter was sent to Maine's Congressional Delelgation: U.S. Senators Angus King and Susan Collins, Congresswoman Chellie Pingree and Congressman Bruce Poliquin.

Photo below taken in 2010 of President Obama in Maine by Ramona du Houx. He found a way for balanced trade.


McCreight is serving her second term in the Maine House of Representatives and previously served on the Legislature’s Marine Resources Committee. She represents Harpswell, West Bath and part of Brunswick.