Maine DEP publishes environmental guidebook for business -describes Governor’s Carbon Challenge

By Ramona du Houx -November 24th, 2009 · 

Maine’s Department of Environmental Protection has developed a user friendly guidebook to help small businesses find important information regarding environmental laws and regulations which protect our natural resources.

The Small Business Environmental Guide provides valuable information to existing businesses and those just starting up. It outlines specific business requirements, provides permitting information, as well as contact information should a business owner need further assistance.

“We want to make sure that small business owners in Maine have easy access to the information they need to start, operate, or expand their business,” said Julie Churchill from the Small Business Technical Assistance Program. “Maine has a very diverse business community from small mom and pop stores, to world-class boat builders, wood product manufacturers, and gravel pit operators. This guide will help them understand how to implement environmental standards designed to protect Maine’s air, land, and water.

The Small Business Environmental Guide is available on line at .

Business owners can also learn how they can be an environmental leader by participating in the Governor’s Carbon Challenge and other programs that can save them money, conserve energy, and gain positive recognition for their environmentally friendly approach to business.