Madison Paper Industries is planning to install a $25 million biomass boiler

The company hopes the energy cost cutting measure will keep the mill viable

By Ramona du Houx

August 31st, 2010 

Back in 2007 Governor John Baldacci visited Madison Paper Industries and listened to the companies concerns. Transportation and energy costs were major expenses that threatened the industries future. The Governor and his team recommended installing a biomass boiler, to save energy— and funds.

In January the company received a $357,000 grant from Efficiency Maine for a $25 million biomass boiler. The project would be completed by 2011.

Bark and sawdust byproducts would fuel the boiler and cut the Madison mill’s oil use by more than half. A separate company, IN Madison LLC, would own and operate the facility and arrange a long-term energy supply agreement with the mill.

The project would create eight to 10 long-term jobs, utilize bark material that is not being used, reduce truck traffic, reduce greenhouse gases they emit, and ensure the mill’s continued operation.

Mills in Jay and Millinocket have closed partially due to old operating systems costing too much in energy bills.

The project would eliminate 500 oil tanker trucks that travel the roads to the mill each year. In addition to the jobs created on site, the project will provide a dozen woods-working jobs in the area.

In Madison, a subsidiary of IN Group Companies in Richmond, Va., has already filed an air quality permit with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.