Hydrogen filling station proposed in Portland, ME

By Ramona du Houx

November 11th, 2010 

Maine could become the northern end of an East Coast hydrogen highway when SunHydro builds a hydrogen filling station in Portland. The company wants to be the first to meet a new demand that will come to power fuel-cell powered electric vehicles.

A location for the station is still to be determined, but it must have access to sun.

SunHydro of Wallingford, Conn., has proposed building an initial network of nine hydrogen service stations along Interstate 95 from Portland to Miami.The company’s first station opened last month in Wallingford. A second station is planned for Braintree, Mass.The company would use solar panels and water to produce hydrogen.

The company claims it would be the world’s first chain of privately funded stations for fuel-cell-powered cars and trucks, in America.