Federal Recovery Act Funds for Maine Law enforcement

More than $4.5 million in federal Recovery Act funds have been awarded to support local and State law enforcement efforts

Funds announced today include Recovery STOP Violence Against Women Formula Grants and Recovery Byrne/Justice Assistance (JAG) awards to smaller communities and to State initiatives.

The Maine Justice Assistance Council met last week to distribute the funds, which are administered by the Maine Department of Public Safety. Of the $4.5 million awarded, $945,000 is being distributed through Recovery STOP Violence Against Women Formula Grants; more than $195,000 is being distributed through JAG to communities; and about $3.4 million will fund State initiatives, including the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency and the Attorney General’s office for drug prosecutors and a computer crimes prosecutor.

“The Recovery Act provides critical support to local and multi-jurisdictional prevention and law enforcement programs that keep our homes and streets safe,” said Governor Baldacci. “From support for domestic violence victims to drug enforcement and community policing, these federal funds will aid communities statewide.”

Additional funds totaling $5.4 million are expected to be awarded by the end of September. These JAG funds include $3.5 million in Recovery Act grants made directly to eligible local and county law enforcement agencies from the U.S. Department of Justice. Awards are based on a formula. The list of eligible entities and the funds they are eligible to receive is attached.

Programs receiving the remaining $1.9 million in JAG funds will be decided in September by the Maine Justice Assistance Council. Last week, the Council had tabled determinations on a number of specific programs pending additional information. The Council will meet in September to allocate the funds.

More information on the federal Recovery Act support of law enforcement and other public safety projects can be accessed at http://www.maine.gov/dps/recovery/