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  • Obama returns some land rights to Native Americans

    Robert and Fannie Mitchell. Tribal affiliation: Dine Photograph: Matika Wilbur

    Last month, the US justice and interior departments announced a $1 billion settlement over nearly 56 million acres of Indian land held in trust by Washington but exploited by commercial interests for timber, farming, mining and other uses with little benefit to the tribes.

    The attorney general, Eric Holder, said the settlement "fairly and honourably resolves historical grievances over the accounting and management of tribal trust funds, trust lands and other non-monetary trust resources that, for far too long, have been a source of conflict between Indian tribes and the United States."

    Native Americans have been marginalized and have suffered descrimination since the white man came to these shores.

    Three years ago, Matika Wilbur sold almost everything she owned, left behind her apartment in Seattle, and set out on the open road. The former high school teacher had one goal: to photograph members of each federally recognized Native American tribe in the United States.(above photos)

     Wilbur has traveled more than 250,000 miles to ensure stereotyped images are broken.

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