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  • Maine Senate Democrats stand with LGBT community to uphold 2005 human rights protection

    By Ramona du Houx

    Maine lawmakers made a promise that the state will never again return to the days when discrimination against LGBT Mainers was permitted under the law. These Maine Senate Democrats made their stand on April 7,2016 in responce to a proposed citizen initiative.

    Members of the Senate Democratic Caucus denounced an effort led by fringe extremist Michael Heath, who has embarked on a petition drive to place a citizen initiative on the ballot that would remove hard-won protections from discrimination for LGBT Mainers.

    “Our state has a proud history of leading the fight for equality for all,” said Senate Democratic Leader Justin Alfond, D-Portland, speaking on behalf of the entire caucus.* “We will oppose any effort to turn back the clock to the old days, when Mainers could be fired from a job, denied housing, or kicked out of the diner simply because of who they are.”

    In 2005 Governor John Baldacci ensured that LGBT Mainers became a protected class in law under the Maine Human Rights Act, granting them protection from discrimination in employment, housing, education, public accommodations and credit.

    (photo at Left by Ramona du Houx)

    Heath, a longtime enemy of equality, fought the 2005 changes to the Maine Human Rights Act and marriage equality referendum approved by voters in 2012.

    * Every member of the Maine Senate Democrats has signed on to the above statement. They are:

    • Senate Democratic Leader Justin Alfond, D-Portland
    • Assistant Senate Democratic Leader Dawn Hill, D-York
    • Sen. Cathy Breen, D-Falmouth
    • Sen. Susan Deschambault, D-Biddeford
    • Sen. Bill Diamond, D-Windham
    • Sen. Jim Dill, D-Orono
    • Sen. Stan Gerzofsky, D-Brunswick
    • Sen. Geoff Gratwick, D-Bangor
    • Sen. Anne Haskell, D-Portland
    • Sen. Chris Johnson, D-Somerville
    • Sen. Nate Libby, D-Lewiston
    • Sen. Rebecca Millett, D-Cape Elizabeth
    • Sen. Dave Miramant, D-Camden
    • Sen. John Patrick, D-Rumford
    • Sen. Linda Valentino, D-Saco