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  • Stephen King still waits for an apology from LePage after the Maine governor lied about him

    Novelist Stephen King is still on his quest to obtain an apology from Maine Gov. Paul LePage.

    King said Gov. Paul LePage should "Man up and apologize" after his inaccurate claim that when the author has moved away he stopped paying Maine income taxes.

    LePage used his radio address last week to make try and convince people that it would be good for Maine to eliminate the states' income tax. LePage is trying to get his budget passed that gives the top 1 percent a huge tax break on the backs of Maine's middle class, whose property taxes could skyrocket under the LePage plan.

    LePage said states without an income tax, such as Florida, have lured away Maine residents, including King.

    But King proudly lives in Maine and only winters in Florida. King's permanent residence is in Bangor, where he says he pays taxes.

    "Governor LePage is full of the stuff that makes the grass grow green. Tabby and I pay every cent of our Maine state income taxes, and are glad to do it. We feel, as Governor LePage apparently does not, that much is owed from those to whom much has been given. We see our taxes as a way of paying back the state that has given us so much," wrote King in a statement.

    LePage has yet to do the decent thing and apologize. So, the author tweeted Sunday morning that "some guys are a lot better at dishing it out than taking it back."

    A revised version of LePage's address was released Thursday with no longer mentions King. In the news if you make a mistake you publicly have to make a correction, admitting the mistake. That would also be a normal procedure for a press office of a governor. But then again, checking facts is also something the news has to do, and should also be a normal procedure for a press office of a governor.

    "What mystifies me is why he would say something this wrong when it’s so easy to check. It’s the laziness that makes me mad. It makes you wonder if anyone is driving the bus, or if it’s on autopilot." said King.

    LePage's office has not responded to requests for comment.