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  • Protests in Maine and Canada to ban Tar Sands and cut fossil fuels

    A 350 march in Maine at Blaine House - the Governor's mansion in Augusta on April 11, 2015.

    by Ramona du Houx

    Thousands of protestors took to the streets of Quebec City, Quebec on Saturday to call on their country to curb tar sands growth take action to address the threat of climate change.

    A band of concerned citizens in Maine took a similar message to the Blaine House - the Governor's mansion in Augusta.

    The march was organized by the environmental and social coalition Act on Climate. About 25,000 participants marched in Canada, including representatives from First Nations, environmental groups, unions, and student groups. The march was scheduled for a few days before Canada plans to host a provincial summit on climate change in Quebec City, during which the country’s premiers intend to discuss their plans in the lead-up to the U.N. climate talks this November in Paris.


    Quebec City, April 11, 2015 with citizens protesting against Tar Sands and fossel fuel consumption.

    Governor Paul LePage of Maine wants to import hydroelectric power from Canada, thereby damaging an already growing alternative energy sector of businesses in Maine. Growing wind power - offshore and inland - as well as the solar power industries would be directly impacted. Jobs would be lost, and only Canada would gain.

    One of the messages the protesters in Canada wanted to send to the premiers was their opposition to proposed tar sands pipelines like Northern Gateway and Energy East. 

    The Maine citizens echoed the protest saying that Tar Sands oil piped thru Maine posses a huge unnecessary threat to the state's environment. There are communities across America where Tar Sands oil has leaked from underground pipelines thereby destroying the environment for generations to come. Like in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

    Many, cities in Maine have banned Tar Sands from being transported through them.


    A 350 march in Maine at Blaine House - the Governor's mansion in Augusta on April 11, 2015.