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  • Maine law to ensure Vietnam veterans receive tax break goes into effect Oct. 15

    A new law to ensure Vietnam veterans can receive an existing veterans’ property tax exemption goes into effect Oct. 15.

    “I’m pleased the Legislature took this step to ensure veterans of the Vietnam War are treated equally to all other veterans under the law,” said Rep. Catherine Nadeau, D-Winslow, who sponsored the measure.  “It’s a matter of fairness to our veterans.”

    Under Maine law, veterans of recognized war periods who are either disabled or 62 years and over are eligible for the modest property tax exemption. 

    As currently written, veterans of the Vietnam War era are required to have served 180 days on active duty during a specified period to qualify for the property tax exemption.  Nadeau’s measure removes the requirement, which did not apply to veterans of any other war. 

    Nadeau proposed the measure after a constituent who served in Vietnam brought the discrepancy to her attention.  It was supported by the state chapter of the American Legion, the largest veterans’ organization in the country, which testified in favor of the bill at its public hearing in February.

    Nadeau is serving her second term in the House.  She is a member of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee and represents Winslow and part of Benton.