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  • Sen. Alfond: Chipman best choice for Portland, Maine in State Senate Primary

    Rep. Ben Chipman 

    Senator Justin Alfond (D-Cumberland) released the following statement regarding the Democratic Primary in Senate District 27:

    Today, I'm endorsing Rep. Ben Chipman to be the next Senator for District 27.

    “Eight years ago, I ran for the open Portland Senate seat. Just like today, it was a competitive three-way primary. We all competed fiercely for the seat, respected each other, and focused on Portland. I've never endorsed in a legislative primary, and I had every intention to stay out of this one. But over the last week, the actions of one campaign made me realize that I have to speak up.

    “The actions by Rep. Russell and her campaign are beyond the pale. Rep. Russell's campaign and her allies have stooped to the worst kind of political tactics. Gutter politics are not how we do things in Portland and it makes our democracy weaker when we disrespect Maine voters like this.

    “Portland deserves a Senator who bring out the best of our city. Portland Democrats should vote tomorrow for a candidate who treats everyone with respect, works collaboratively and has the experience to get results.

    “I have tremendous respect for Dr. Chuck Radis and I sincerely hope that he does well tomorrow and stays involved. But we can only nominate one Democrat to represent us in Augusta, and I believe the best person for the job is Rep. Ben Chipman.

    “For the last six years, Rep. Chipman has worked for Portland in every imaginable way. He's been a tireless advocate for Portland's economy, our schools and strengthening our social safety net. He has accomplished all this by keeping his head down, building relationships with his colleagues and fiercely advocating for our values.

    “As a leader in the Democratic Party for the last six years, I can tell you, that when committed progressives like Ben are a part of the Democratic Party, it makes us stronger. We need more progressive Democrats like Ben.”