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  • Stonington’s lobstering focus of short documentary

    by Faith DeAmbrose

    “It’s not just work, it’s a way of life,” said fisherman John Williams part way through a recently released documentary chronicling the history of the lobster fishing industry in Maine.

    Produced by French Filmmaker Anaïs Le Guennec, the 13-minute film features local fisherman Williams and historian Bill Haviland, along with cameo appearances from many island fishermen (or their boats in the harbor) and extensive footage of the town of Stonington and Penobscot Bay.

    Guennec spent time on Deer Isle last August conducting interviews and taking in the sights. She was aided also by Walter Reed who provided transport around Stonington Harbor and Genevieve McDonald who allowed filming on her boat as well as from Cathy Billings of the Lobster Institute who provided additional historical context.

    The film does not focus on the business of lobstering, an industry that brings in roughly $40 million in direct and likely more in indirect revenue to Stonington on an annual basis, but instead focuses on the people and the place they call home.

    To see the film in its English version, visit