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  • Huge victory for Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party in Canada- could USA liberals take back congress?

    Justin Trudeau swept into office with his Liberal Party in a surprise majority, and ousted ultra-conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper. It's the biggest comeback election victory in Canadian history.

    When Mr. Harper first announced that this year's general election campaign would be a record 78 days long, conventional wisdom was it would benefit the Conservatives, giving them more time to bring their financial advantages to bear. However, the lengthy campaign gave Mr. Trudeau an opportunity to introduce himself to Canadians and overcome Conservative attacks.

    Mr. Trudeau will now will pursue his platform including higher infrastructure spending and middle class tax cuts. Those will be financed by budget deficits of about C$25 billion ($19 billion) over three years and tax hikes on workers earning more than C$200,000. He’s also pledged to legalize marijuana, cancel the purchase of F-35 fighters, and be more assertive on climate change.

    His victory marks one of the biggest political rebounds in Canadian history. The Liberals gained 150 seats- the most  ever.

    American pundents are now asking could Liberal Democrats do the same in the US Congress?

    They understand that with Republican dominated re-districting it's a harder summit to mount but not impossible with the 2016 election for president and the wave of people fed up with Wall Street's influence in Congressional votes.

    Trudeau’s Liberal Patty swept Canada’s four Atlantic provinces including Harper’s hometown, for the first time since 1968, when Trudeau’s father won his first election.