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  • Former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell endorses Emily Cain, praises Hillary

    “Emily Cain is on the side of Maine’s working families," said Former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell, seated directly next to Cain, on the left.

    By Ramona du Houx

    In Lewiston, former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell endorsed Emily Cain in her campaign for Maine's 2nd Congressional District.

    “Emily Cain is on the side of Maine’s working families. Emily has an incredible record of success breaking through partisan gridlock and special interests to reduce the burdens on Mainers and stop our jobs from going overseas. Her bipartisan work with Governor LePage to pass balanced budgets with tax cuts for families and businesses was exemplary, and in Congress she will be an effective and tireless advocate for working Mainers,” said Senator Mitchell.

    Together, they visited with voters at Simones' Hot Dog Stand, held a rally and toured the L/A Museum.

    The museum is dedicated to preserving the economic and social history of the L/A area, and both Emily and Senator Mitchell spoke about growing jobs at home instead of letting jobs migrate overseas and how we must retake control of our economic future.

    He commented about Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's presidental run.

    “She’ll be able to hit the ground running and deal with the many serious issues that we face in our country,” said Mitchell. “Trump wants to take the country backwards and going backwards doesn’t deal with our problems. I believe that, come Election Day, a majority of Americans will understand that, act on that and elect Hillary Clinton as president.”

    Senator George Mitchell has had a long and distinguished career. He served for several years as Chairman of DLA Piper, now Chairman Emeritus. Before that he served as a federal judge; as Majority Leader of the United States Senate; as Chairman of peace negotiations in Northern Ireland which resulted in an agreement that ended an historic conflict; and most recently as U.S. Special Envoy to the Middle East. In 2008 Time Magazine described him as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

    But what Mitchell said he was most proud of is his Mitchell Institute.

    The Mitchell Institute has given two scholarships for two highschool graduates or a $1,000 each from EVERY Maine high school since 1998. Thousands of young people have be encouraged and helped along their way to college, backed by the Mitchell Institute.

  • Congressman Poliquin secretly reversed his vote- reversing his position on discrimination

    US Capitol on Pres. Obama's second Inageration. photo by Ramona du Houx

    ON May 20, 2016, Congressman Poliquin reversed his vote on an amendment to stop federal money from going to defense contractors who discriminate against gays and lesbians. Congressman Poliquin was the deciding vote on this key measure.

     “Congressman Poliquin apparently has no moral compass on the issue of discrimination. He voted 'yes' last year and 'no' yesterday. But what’s truly disappointing is that Congressman Poliquin didn’t come clean with voters, but instead reversed himself in secret as part of a backroom deal with Republican leadership,” said Emily Cain. 

    Last year, Congressman Poliquin voted “yes” on another amendment that “prohibits use of funds by Federal contractors to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity” – exactly what he voted against yesterday.

    Congressman Poliquin changed his vote yesterday just hours after raking in thousands of dollars at a Washington D.C. fundraiser with Republican Speaker Paul Ryan, Congressman

    Supporting discriminatory laws harms our society and our economy. North Carolina’s discriminatory law this year was predicted to cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars and hundreds of jobs.

  • Maine Building Trades unanimously endorse Emily Cain for Congress

     The 14 affiliated local unions of the Maine State Building and Construction Trades Council (MSBCTC) voted unanimously to endorse Emily Cain, a Democrat running for Congress in Maine’s Second Congressional District. The 14 affiliates of the MSBCTC represent 4,000 skilled workers Statewide.

    “Emily understands the challenges that face working class Mainers, and we’re confident that she will stand up for workers’ rights and benefits,” said John Napolitano, President of the MSBCTC. “She understands that we need strong unions to make the American economy work for the middle class. And she knows a bad trade deal when she sees one – she’ll fight to keep skilled, good paying jobs where they belong: right here in our local economies.”

    Chartered in 1964, the Maine State Building & Construction Trades Council (MSBCTC) brings together 14 local affiliates throughout Maine representing more than 4,000 skilled workers in the building and construction trades. The MSBCTC works with State and municipal governments and organizations, as well as developers, contractors and non-profits, to increase the number of unionized opportunities in construction throughout Maine. The MSBCTC also represents workers' interests in Augusta by actively promoting and tracking legislation that protects collective bargaining rights, improves working conditions and safety, increases benefits and wages, and encourages local hiring.