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  • Maine contract transparency law goes into effect Oct. 15, 2015

     A law promoting transparency and accountability in the bidding process for state contracts goes into effect Oct. 15.

    “Promoting transparency and accountability in these contracts gives us greater certainty that the taxpayers are getting the best deal,” said Rep. Roland “Danny” Martin, D-Sinclair, sponsor of the bill and House chair of the Legislature’s State and Local Government Committee. “I want to make sure that we get the best value of state services for our citizens and taxpayers in our state.”

    The law directs the Department of Administrative and Financial Services and the Bureau of General Services to coordinate with all state departments and agencies to make cost-savings information available on the department’s website for the winners of all competitively bid service contracts for Maine.

    It also directs them to establish practices and procedures to make the cost-savings information available on the department’s website and gives the director of the Bureau of General Services the authority to do this by rule.

    “We all want our tax dollars to be spent wisely and cost-effectively,” Martin said. “Everyone should have the ability to review and monitor the programs where we spend our tax dollars.”