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  • Brunswick Landing to become ‘anaerobic digester’ adding to growing regional energy hub

    Construction is underway at Brunswick Landing for a $10 million plant that will convert biological waste into a kind of biogas that's used to generate electricity. The energy produced is projected to serve half of Brunswick Landing's energy needs, during peak hours.

    The Village Green Ventures' 1-megawatt "anaerobic digester" is expected to be completed by the end of the year. Only one other facility like this is in Maine as the various components, the waste and electricity transportation hub, need to be close together.

    The Brunswick Sewer District is expected to supply around 2,400 cubic yards of solid biological waste a year to the power plant, which has an annual capacity of 40,000 cubic yards of solids and an additional 40,000 cubic yards of liquid waste. Casella Organics may also supply waste.

    When the Navy Base, which used to be Brunswick Landing, was closed in 2008 then Governor John Baldacci worked with  the federal government, area officials and businessess to help with the transition. They established a special Pine Tree Economic Zone, giving businessess needed tax breaks to set up or expand in the area. The Baldacci administration helped develop a plan to assist the former base, and surrounding region, into an alternative energy hub. A branch of Southern Maine Community College was established at Brunswick Landing which specialzes in composite technologies- (the stuff wind mills are built with), and solar energy is powering Bowdoin College.(the college has been working with the former base).

    Brunswick Landing has also been granted federal funds for the transition that is proving to be sucessful.