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  • Maine Artist’s Reception for Obrianna Cornelius at the Camden Public Library

    Fine artist and illustrator Obrianna Cornelius will hold her artist’s reception for her new exhibit at the Camden Public Library on Saturday, November 9, from 3:00 to 5:00 pm. Cornelius, the library’s Artist of the Month, is known for her highly detailed paintings filled with natural color and scenic lighting effects.  A collection of her watercolor landscapes will be on display in the Picker Room Gallery during the month of November. 

    “The beautiful landscape and unique culture inspire and motivate me in my artwork,” says Cornelius. “From the glory of a sunset over the ocean, to the historic architecture, to the details of an ice-covered berry or a brilliantly colored fall leaf, Maine never stops amazing me. I look forward to every day spent painting Maine.”

    Obrianna Cornelius studied art at Pensacola Christian College and cites the master watercolorists who came before her “such as Homer, Wyeth, and Turner” as her teachers. Her painting style is defined by vibrant colors and bold, confident strokes. ”Rather than muddying my colors by going back and fussing with details,” says Cornelius, “I try to get things right on the first stroke, producing rich colors and dramatic imagery.”