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  • Powerful Nor'Easter Affects Maine

    Photo: the Inn on Pine Street in Portland
    10/17/2019 10:26 AM EDT
    Maine Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) partially activated the State EOC at 4 a.m. this morning in response to the strong nor'easter currently affecting the state. The heavy rain combined with 60 mph wind gusts has knocked down trees and power lines and this has caused thousands of outages.

    As of Thursday morning, more than 179,000 CMP customers and 36,000 Emera customers are without power. A number of roads have been blocked by debris due to falling trees and branches. Peter Rogers, acting Director of MEMA urges those venturing out to be cautious. "Conditions continue to change, look for hazards and be careful as you head out." MEMA is monitoring the ongoing situation and coordinating with state partners and others in response to this storm.

    Rogers asked that everyone check on friends and neighbors when safe to do so and made the following safety recommendations:

    - Stay informed about weather conditions in your area - monitor National Weather Service forecasts and radio, along with broadcast weather reports

    - Drive slowly, use your headlights and allow extra space between vehicles

    - Yield to emergency vehicles and give them plenty of room to work

    - Use your generator safely, always use outside with exhaust pointed away from any windows and doors

    - Turn around, dont drown do not drive through flooded roadways

    - Check our website for information on being prepared at