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  • Maine's Legislative session adjourns on time with many accomplishments - more work to do

     By Ramona du Houx

    The first session of the 129th Legislature adjourns on time, before 12 midnight on June 20, 2019.  

    “We passed a budget that expands health care coverage, lifts up working Maine families, supports our schools, improves broadband access and provides meaningful property tax relief. We charged forth as an environmental leader by acting to remove litter like polystyrene and single-use plastic bags from the supply chain. We took steps to keep our kids safe and healthy by improving vaccination requirements. And we took long needed actions towards improving relations with our tribal community and honoring that community through Indigenous Peoples Day," said House Majority Leader Matt Moonen 

    There were many bills carried over to the next session, plus a question why there weren't any research and deveopment bonds proposed. The growth of Maine's economy during the Baldacci administration had a alot to do with citezen approved R & D bonds. 

    The House also fell short of the two-thirds vote it needed to approve a bond package that included funding for infrastructure, economic development, workforce development and energy projects. 

    “Today we failed to fund a comprehensive, powerful bond package that would have provided important investments in Maine’s economy, infrastructure and environment. Included in that bond package was $5 million that would have gone towards supporting career and technical education (CTE) in Maine. We have not had a bond for CTE in 21 years, and now we are delaying financing once again. CTE centers need equipment upgrades and capital improvements to better serve our students and communities, and we are depriving them up the funds they deserve. These bonds were important, and we failed to act,” said Assistant House Majority Leader Ryan Fecteau.  

    “We did not achieve everything we set out to this session, we've even further to go on property tax relief, workforce training and affordability of higher-education to name a few, but we are proud of the steps we have made."

    The Legislature will reconvene in January of 2020.