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  • Next step in zone changes for Rockland, Maine

    Photo: Ramona du Houx

    The overhaul of residential zoning throughout Rockland will be back before the City Council next month. The Rockland City Council will hold a re-vote on the rescission of the overhaul at its Monday, April 1 meeting that starts at 5:30 p.m.

    The re-vote comes after a lawsuit by Rockland resident James Ebbert initially challenged the Jan. 14 approval of the residential zoning revamp and later his lawsuit challenged the rescission vote. Ebbert and 18 other city residents launched a petition drive to overturn the law that would have reduced minimum lot sizes, setbacks and road frontage requirements for homes throughout the city.

    The group had gathered more than the 523 signatures necessary to force a referendum to repeal the zoning law.

    The City Council rescinded the zoning overhaul at its Feb. 11 meeting without any notice to the public that such a vote would be held.

    Ebbert's lawsuit argued that the lack of public notice violated state law.

    Since then, the city has placed notices in the newspaper twice and plan on publicizing it again next week about the planned April 1 vote. There is also a notice posted at City Hall about the April 1 meeting.

    There will be no need for the referendum if the rescission becomes final.