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  • Jackman, Maine residents vote to oppose CMP transmission line

    Jackman may join Caratunk, West Forks, The Forks, in opposition

    Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine and the Town of Alna rescinded prior support too

    Tonight, November 18, 2018at a special town meeting in the MSAD#12 School Gymnasium, Jackman residents voted 78-11, with one abstention, to oppose CMP’s proposal to build a massive 145-mile-long transmission line from the Quebec border through the State of Maine.

    Jackman residents said they oppose NECEC because it would damage Maine’s environment, wildlife habitat, water quality, scenic views, and tourism economy; and permanently harm their way of life.

    “The more people learn about this ill-conceived transmission line, the more they realize it is a bad deal for Maine,” says Sue Ely, Clean Energy Attorney, Natural Resources Council of Maine.

    At its October 17 hearing, the Public Utilities Commission heard blistering opposition to CMP’s plan and 95% of those who spoke or submitted testimony opposed the proposal.

    “More and more towns are retracting their support and voicing opposition to the transmission line,” says Ely. “As each new town, business or political leader announces their opposition, it becomes clearer that Maine does not want this project.”

    In addition to Jackman, the Towns of West Forks and The Forks have also voted to oppose the line and the Towns of Alna andCaratunk   have rescinded their earlier letter of support for the Central Maine Power / Hydro-Quebec project, calling it harmful and saying it is not financially beneficial to the Maine economy or its residents.

    “This powerline is good for CMP and Hydro-Quebec profits, but a very bad deal for Maine,” says Ely. “The CMP transmission line would do nothing to reduce harmful climate pollution while it would harm wildlife, habitat, and recreational resources.”