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  • Gideon Nominated to Serve Another Term as Maine's Speaker of the House

     Maine House Democrats on Friday nominated Speaker Sara Gideon to serve another term as Speaker of the Maine House. and elected Rep. Matt Moonen, D-Portland, to serve as House Majority Leader and Rep. Ryan Fecteau, D-Biddeford, as Assistant Majority Leader.

     “I want to give my heartfelt thanks to my House Democratic colleagues for displaying their trust in my leadership and nominating me to serve another term as Speaker of the Maine House. It is an incredible honor and an awesome responsibility," said Gideon.

     “We are eager to get to work on an agenda that recognizes the choices working families make every day and moves those families closer to prosperity. We pledge to increase access to affordable and quality health care, to alleviate the burden of crippling student debt and to finally make the investments that will build the high-paying, sustainable jobs of both today and tomorrow.”

    Rep. Matt Moonen, of Portland, was elected to serve as House Majority Leader. 

    “We have a strong and diverse caucus with a wide range of talent, experience and knowledge. The next two years represent an exciting opportunity to make real progress on the issues that make an impact on Maine people’s daily lives," said House Majority Leader Rep.-elect Matt Moonen. "That means helping working people make ends meet and provide for their families, our seniors struggling to heat their homes and afford their prescriptions, and our teachers and students. It means coming together to get to work and deliver results that move our state forward.”

     Rep. Ryan Fecteau, of-Biddeford, was elected as Assistant Majority Leader.

    “I am thrilled to stand shoulder to shoulder with my colleagues to do good for our neighbors. House Democrats represent people all across Maine, from every walk of life, in parts of the state that are similar in some ways and very different in other ways," said Assistant Majority Leader Rep.-elect Ryan Fecteau  "Our top priority is to make the future brighter for all of us, not just a few, and I know each and every one of my colleagues is as eager as I am to hit the ground running and address our most pressing issues.”

    Members of the 129th Legislature will be sworn in on Wednesday, Dec. 5. There are 89 incoming Democratic representatives.