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  • Maine's Rep. Madigan’s bill to allow mental health treatment for teens approved by Legislative Council

    Maine State Capitol photo by Ramona du Houx


    A bill sponsored by Rep. Colleen Madigan, D-Waterville, to keep critical mental health care available to Maine teens was approved on February 27, 2018 by the Legislative Council.  The vote was 9-1 that the bill should be heard. 

    The bill will increase funding for treatment of teens with at-risk behaviors such as aggression and other anti-social behaviors. These services are both intensive and community-based, and are coordinated with families, law enforcement, corrections officials and schools. These treatments are evidence-based practices that have been shown to work across the country.

    “There are agencies that provide these critical services for teens that are leaving the state because they cannot afford to keep working here,” said Rep. Madigan. “I am glad the Legislative Council recognized the need for this.  I am concerned that teenagers get the care they need before a crisis occurs.”

    At this point in the session, any new bills must be determined to address emergencies and other pressing situations. The Legislative Council, which is made up of each party’s leaders in the Maine House and Senate, decides which bills fit the criteria.


    Madigan’s bill will be heard by the Legislature in the coming weeks.


    Madigan is serving her first term in the Maine House and represents part of Oakland and part of Waterville.  She previously served a term in the Maine Senate. She serves on the Legislature’s Health and Human Services Committee.