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  • Bangor Savings Bank announces move to Bangor Waterfront

     By Ramona du Houx

     Bangor Savings Bank purchased a new property for their headquarters on Bangor's waterfront. Once completed the nearly $20M investment will relocate personal and give the bank room to grow. The investment will rehabilitate existing vacant buildings and add new buildings.

    location for a new Bangor Savings Bank campus," said President and CEO Bob Montgomery-Rice. "For 165 years, Bangor has been our hometown, and investing in the downtown area was important to us. Providing our employees with the space and environment that enhances their ability to do their jobs will benefit our nearly 200,000 customers, which is always our primary objective."

    The announcement was made January 11, 2017 at the banks current headquarters on in downtown Bangor. 

    "Bangor Savings Bank new multimillion dollar investment on the Bangor Waterfront is not only a vote of confidence for Bangor but also a welcome part of the continuing Renaissance of Bangor's waterfront,” said Bangor Mayor Joe Baldacci.

    According to Bangor Savings Bank President and CEO Robert Montgomery-Rice this was a long-term plan based upon the bank’s growth. Now, in need of the space to operate out of they are ready for the move.

    The bank plans to open at their new location by February of 2018.