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  • Maine Women Urged to Vote to Stop Trump

    In response to Donald Trump’s visit to Lisbon on October 28, 2016, Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett today joined Emerge Maine’sexecutive director Jill Barkley, District 20 State Senate candidate Kimberly Sampson, and former Auburn state legislator Barbara Trafton in urging Maine women to vote.

    “Donald Trump doesn’t inspire greatness in the lives of others; instead he criticizes, condemns, and complains,” said Sampson. “He doesn’t stand up for the least among us, but throws misguided and hurtful judgments like darts. That isn’t a man who has the Wisdom of Solomon or the temperament to handle nuclear codes. I invite the moderates among us to join us in supporting Hillary Clinton for president” said Sampson. “Perhaps you have been a staunch Republican most of your life. Perhaps this will be the first time you vote for a Democrat. Thank you. Thank you for recognizing that whether you are a Republican, a Democrat, an Independent, or Green, we are all Americans.”

    Held at the Maine Democratic Party’s Lewiston field office, the press conference was also attended by Androscoggin County Democratic Committee Chair Tom Reynolds, District 61 State Rep. Heidi Brooks, and District 74 State Rep. Peggy Rotundo. Standing behind the speakers was a large group of women and men who held signs and shouted their support.

    “No matter who or where you are, bragging about sexual assault is not acceptable. And it is certainly not acceptable for the next President of the United States,” said Barkley. “Trump has a well-documented history of denigrating women and promoting misogyny. He has called women names, rated them on their looks, and called his own accusers ‘liars’. Women can fight back against Trump’s misogynist rhetoric and elect leaders who will truly represent us – who will fight against the mistreatment of women and protect the rights of everyone.”

    “Let’s be clear: if one of us is a pig, we are all pigs,” said Trafton, who attended Wellesley College with Hillary Clinton. “If one of us is a fat bimbo, we are all fat bimbos. If one of us is rated a four, we are all fours. Both women and men are under attack when Trump devalues women and girls, espouses policies that undermine equal pay, supports punishing women for their family choices, and creates an environment that condones his so-called ‘locker room’ talk and actions.”

    In his remarks, Bartlett noted that he had a nine-year-old daughter and that Donald Trump “would have a profound impact on her future.”