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  • Re-elect Former State Rep. Hinck to Portland City Council

    Re-elect Hinck because he’s accomplished.

    We need to re-elect Jon Hinck to the Portland City Council to ensure that Portland remains the Forest City.

    Any group works better the longer they work together. Folks who jump from one elected position to another after just one term, no matter how well-meaning, take with them the institutional knowledge that is important in making that group work well.

    A highly regarded environmental activist and co-founder of Greenpeace USA, Jon chaired the Energy & Sustainability Committee over the past year, helping to initiate and guide passage of a fantastic new 660-kilowatt solar project on the closed landfill.

    When the Styrofoam ban and bag fee provisions stalled, Jon got these through the last hurdles. And he spoke up for a measure banning the sale of puppies and kittens from harmful puppy mills, making Portland the first Maine city to do so.

    Jon Hinck has the knowledge and experience we want as our at-large city councilor.

    by Reb Brann

    Hinck served in the Maine State Legislature before being elected to the Portland City Counci. He was instramental in progressing clean energy issues and made sure the Regional Green House Gas (RGGI) made it thru the legislature- with a unanimous vote.  He also helped to protect over 1.2 million acres of land during the Baldacci administration.

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