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  • Bernie Sanders in Bangor and energizes Democrats to vote for Hillary Clinton

    Sen. Bernie Sanders came to Bangor on October 7, 2016 for a “Stronger Together” rally in support of Hillary Clinton, and Democrats up and down the ticket, at the Cross Insurance Center.

    Recent polls have shown Trump polling about 10 points ahead Clinton in the 2nd Congressional District that includes all of the state north of Augusta and Lewiston.

    “You and I and Hillary Clinton have a different vision of the country than Donald Trump,” said Sanders in his remarks. “You want to get angry? Here’s something to get angry about. You’ve got a multi-billionaire. And this guy pays nothing in federal income tax. And he thinks he’s a genius and brilliant for paying nothing. And he believes why do he and other billionaires have to pay their taxes when the middle class and the working class are paying their taxes. Well, Hillary Clinton and I have a different idea, and we say to Mr. Trump and his billionaire friends, ‘You know what, you are going to start paying your fair share of taxes.’”

    Sanders also spoke to Trump’s hypocrisy on trade.

    “But I say to Mr. Trump, stop talking the talk, walk the walk. If you are so concerned about outsourcing American jobs, why do you have factories in Bangladesh where you’re paying workers 30 cents an hour? Why are you making your ties in China? If you’re so concerned about the loss of American jobs, bring those manufacturing jobs back home to the United States of America.”

    Bernie Sanders brought incredible energy and thousands of Mainers into the political process to fight for good jobs and a fair economy. I'm proud to be a part of that work,” said Emily Cain, congressional candidate for Maine’s 2nd congressional district.

    The rally was live-streamed on the Hillary for Maine Facebook page, where it can still be viewed.

    “Senator Sanders made a powerful case today for Hillary Clinton, explaining why it’s so important we elect a president who will fight for every working Mainer, and not just for the billionaires like Donald Trump,” said Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett. “Bernie Sanders led a powerful, populist movement that brought new life, new people and new ideas to our party. Thanks to his leadership, both the state and national parties adopted the most progressive platforms in party history.”