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  • Alfond calls on Maine Senate President Thibodeau to poll senators for special session to take action in response to LePage's antics

    Senate Majority Leader Justin Alfond has called on Senate President Thibodeau to poll senators for special session to take action in response to the governor’s conduct.

    “We as lawmakers are taking the governor’s racially insensitive, violent and obscene words and actions seriously, and so we must be present and be counted,” said Senate Democratic Leader Justin Alfond.

    Sen. Alfond has kept lines of communication open with Senate President Mike Thibodeau to ensure a pathway remains for the Senate to come in for a special session, which would require the Senate President to poll all members of the Senate to determine whether they consented to reconvene.

    However, President Thibodeau indicated to a reporter September 2, 2016 that he may not agree to poll the Senate, thus blocking any legislative action. 

    “The Legislature cannot do anything — whether it be censure or something more severe — unless it is in session. So the only question that matters is this: Will the Legislature act or not? If the answer is yes, Senate President Mike Thibodeau must move decisively,” Alfond said.

    “Maine cannot afford for its legislative leaders to hide behind arcane political process while Gov. LePage’s erratic, dangerous and demeaning behavior continues. The governor has shown he is unfit to lead our state. That is an emergency, and we must act in a real, meaningful way.

    “We hope Senate President Thibodeau will put whatever political concerns he may have to the side and poll the Senate with the same question being asked of the House of Representatives. For the sake of our constituents and our state’s reputation, we must all be on the record.”