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  • Maine's Speaker Eves issues call for Special Session to take action regarding LePage's conduct

    House Speaker Mark Eves has issued an official call for a Special Session to take action regarding Gov. LePage's conduct.

     This is his statement:

    "Democrats have been clear throughout this latest crisis caused by the Governor.  The Governor's conduct was reprehensible.  Maine cannot afford to spend the next two years lurching from crisis to crisis caused by Governor LePage's erratic behavior instead of working on issues facing Maine people. He is unfit to serve as Governor and must resign or be removed from office.

    "The first step required under the Maine Constitution is for the Speaker of the House to poll all members of the House on whether or not they agree to come in for a special session.  Today, I am taking that action and asking each member to reply by next Tuesday, September 6 at 5:00 PM.

    "Here is the question we will be asking all House members:

    "Do you consent to coming in for a special session of the Legislature to take action regarding the Governor's conduct?"

    "We encourage the Senate to poll each Senator with the same question.  We believe it is clear that there are enough members of both parties in both chambers who believe we should take action.  Let's come back into Special Session and debate what the most appropriate action is.  It is time to have an up or down vote and let each of the people's elected representatives be accountable for their position."

    Former Senate President Justin Alfond said:

    "Late yesterday, I met with my fellow leaders from both parties to discuss bringing lawmakers in for a special session to hold Gov. Paul LePage accountable for his increasingly troubling words and actions. I’m pleased to report that the two presiding officers — Speaker of the House Mark Eves and Senate President Mike Thibodeau — agree that the governor must face real, meaningful consequences.

    "For the last week, I’ve heard from Mainers all over the state who have all said the same thing: Enough is enough. Gov. LePage has crossed the line and it’s time to do something about it. I’m hopeful that we will find some agreement that will bring lawmakers back into session.

    "I’ve said the best course forward, for the governor and for our state, would be Gov. LePage’s resignation, and I continue to believe that is the only outcome that will guarantee a return to stable, functioning government."

    “The Legislature cannot do anything — whether it be censure or something more severe — unless it is in session. So the only question that matters is this: Will the Legislature act or not? If the answer is yes, Senate President Mike Thibodeau must move decisively,” Alfond said.