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  • Maine's Andross Mill in Brunswick to have solar panels installed

    By Ramona du Houx

    The Village Review Board of Brunswick has approved a proposed 160-panel solar array that will grace the roof top of Fort Andross Mill.

     ReVision Energy will start to install the 40-kilowatt solar array, which has a price tag of $127,000, by the end of June.

    Dan Jacques said the catalyst of the solar project came from the lease agreement between Waterfront Maine and one of its major tenants-the Nature Conservancy of Maine.

    "Waterfront agreed to finance the project entirely on their own, and then sell us the electricity … through the lease agreement," said Nature Conservancy Associate State Director Tom Rumpf. "It gives us the ability to have a clean energy source, and we're trying to demonstrate a new potential model for leasees to discuss with their landlord."

    In addition to the solar panels project, Waterfront Maine will also be installing a charging station for electrical vehicles in the mill's parking lot.

    Bowdoin College, in Brunswick, now has the largest solar array in the state. Freeport, just up the road has a community solar project helping residents save.

    Dispite Gov. LePage's veto that killed the potential of adding 600 more jobs in the solar industry in the state, federal tax credits continue to help the industry grow in Maine.