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  • At Gov. LePage’s Bath town hall, three WANTED posters were erected outside by the governor's office

    Photos by Chris Cousins of the BDN

    Bangor City Councilor, Joe Baldacci calls for LePage's resignation

    At Governor Paul LePage’s Bath town hall, three "wanted" posters were erected outside by the governor's office.

    Peter Steele, LePage’s communications director, unabashedly admitted the posters were produced and paid for by the governor’s office and that there might be more posters like them at future town hall meetings.

    "It is deeply disturbing that our governor would target Maine people with “Wanted” posters," said Phil Bartlett, Chairman of the Maine Democratic Party. "With the violence we've been seeing at Trump rallies, it is imperative for all political leaders to dial down the rhetoric. It is not funny. It is irresponsible and dangerous."

    The three "wanted" posters unveiled March 10, 2016 featured Matt Schlobohm of the Maine AFL-CIO, Ben Chin, former candidate for Lewiston mayor who works at the Maine People’s Alliance, and Nick Bennett of the Natural Resources Council of Maine.

    “Governor LePage’s most wanted posters are reckless, disrespectful and fuel the worst in our politics. They are also the classic LePage playbook of attacking anyone who disagrees with you as a way to hide from your own failed record. Scratch below the bluster and blunder and you have a Governor who has consistently sided with the wealthy and powerful over working people. Maine people deserve better than Gov. LePage’s divisive and reckless approach," said Maine AFL-CIO Executive Director Matt Schlobohm.

    LePages' wanted posters were stylied after FBI notices. Offical wanted posters include a picture of the alleged criminal or of a facial composite image produced by police.

    “When is the governor going to get serious about having a genuine dialogue with Maine people? His latest antics are at best childish and possibly even reckless in our current political climate,” saidHouse Majority Leader Jeff McCabe, D-Skowhegan. “What’s next? ‘Wanted’ signs for the Maine Chiefs of Police Association, AARP, Maine Municipal Association, Maine Hospital Association and Maine State Chamber of Commerce because they have spoken out against the governor’s political short-sightedness?” 

    Bangor City Councilor, Joe Baldacci called for LePage's resignation over the Wanted posters.

    "Putting out of Wanted posters on some of your political opponents is just more political garbage- which it is. But it is also an invitation to not only make our politics coarser, meaner and less productive but to dehumanize your opponents," said Bangor City Councilor Baldacci. "Lepage is almost taunting his political opponents. He should resign."

    LePages' posters have no place in Maine politics being paid for by the Governor's Office. These are attacks on private citizens, putting them and their organizations they are affiliated with -- at risk.

    Attorney General Janet Mills should be asked to investigate the issue as it clearly is defamatory.