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  • Maine Democratic Party previews statewide caucuses for March 6th

    In a detailed press call, Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett and Executive Director Jeremy Kennedy previewed the events and processes for the statewide caucuses taking place on Sunday.

    “We are incredibly excited for the start of the caucuses and are making sure that every Mainer who is eligible to participate has the information to do so,” said Chairman Bartlett. “Maine Democrats have two incredible candidates to choose from, and we are looking forward to seeing their enthusiasm and passion at caucuses all over the state.”

    Democratic caucus meetings will take place in almost 500 towns between 1 PM and 8 PM on Sunday, March 6th, town specific locations and start time can be found on the Maine Dems website. There are 3,591 state delegates at stake on Sunday. Each town’s caucus will choose delegates to attend the Maine Democratic State Convention in May. State convention delegates will then choose delegates to attend the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in July. Maine will send 30 delegates and 2 alternates to the National Convention. 

    “Our volunteers and conveners have been putting in extra hours to make sure we’re all set for the weekend,” said Kennedy. “We are incredibly lucky to have such a strong network of activists all over the state that help us organize such an operation.”

    The Maine Democratic Party office will remain open and fully staffed to handle any requests that come up on caucus day and until the last caucuses finish reporting their results.

    More information on the caucus meetings go HERE or calli the Maine Democratic Party office at 207-622-6233