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  • Maine Building Trades unanimously endorse Emily Cain for Congress

     The 14 affiliated local unions of the Maine State Building and Construction Trades Council (MSBCTC) voted unanimously to endorse Emily Cain, a Democrat running for Congress in Maine’s Second Congressional District. The 14 affiliates of the MSBCTC represent 4,000 skilled workers Statewide.

    “Emily understands the challenges that face working class Mainers, and we’re confident that she will stand up for workers’ rights and benefits,” said John Napolitano, President of the MSBCTC. “She understands that we need strong unions to make the American economy work for the middle class. And she knows a bad trade deal when she sees one – she’ll fight to keep skilled, good paying jobs where they belong: right here in our local economies.”

    Chartered in 1964, the Maine State Building & Construction Trades Council (MSBCTC) brings together 14 local affiliates throughout Maine representing more than 4,000 skilled workers in the building and construction trades. The MSBCTC works with State and municipal governments and organizations, as well as developers, contractors and non-profits, to increase the number of unionized opportunities in construction throughout Maine. The MSBCTC also represents workers' interests in Augusta by actively promoting and tracking legislation that protects collective bargaining rights, improves working conditions and safety, increases benefits and wages, and encourages local hiring.